Home, sweet home

We have an exciting opportunity to move, which we are carefully considering. It has me thinking a lot about what “home” means, and about what I want “home” to mean.

My friend Carrie and her husband Shane recently moved into their Clothesline Tiny Home, where their goal is “building and designing simpler lifestyles through smaller homes”. They are perfecting their 200 square feet of living space by living in it full time. Their vision to leave a smaller footprint by making tiny choices, and helping others do the same, is inspiring.

This man decided to gut out the interior of a Boeing 727, and converted this airplane into his home.

Is the interior more important, or what surrounds the home?

Or is it really the people that mean the most? Should living close to family be more important?

Or the tribe of awesome friends that you really can’t bear to leave?


(photo credits, from top to bottom: banner and design by Clothesline Tiny Homes, airplane home by C-Net, mountain backdrop by Howie Silleck, family at wedding by Nick Nielsen)

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